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location: Kočevje, Slovenia
client: Yaskawa Europe d.o.o.
area: 12.600 m2
type: production
year of construction: 2019


The task of the project was to harmonize the complex development and production processes of a technologically demanding product into a successful composition. The instruments of this composition were very diverse - from the undulating landscape, the positive climate at the client and in the environment, the meeting of cultures from the morning and evening side of the Earth, well-illustrated production process, building and other technical laws, sustainability in the natural environment, money and finally in at the center, the man who will create here. The success of the project is measured in the "productivity" of the factory, this principle is followed by the architectural composition of all instruments. Because the natural context prevails, the factory is as abstract as possible, in this abstraction the path to a successful "productive" composition is easier. The factory is a square - like a domino tile laid in the landscape. The forehead of the administrative part of the building, which faces the road, is reflective and transparent, the work intimacy is arranged with a veil of wooden blinds. The factory accepts all influences and challenges through the entrance glass façade, the building translates them and lets them in a controlled manner to the internal structure of the system. This is how all internal systems work: construction, production, information… The boundary between the building and the function is - as far as possible - blurred. Thus the house becomes a factory. Except on the administrative side, the factory does not seek dialogue with the surroundings, the chosen expression is purposefully silent, the color is more non-color, which in the sun and on the fog blurs the boundaries of the building rather than establishing them. The fifth facade - the roof, is again a communication element. The roof is raised into slots through which the factory is flooded with soft northern light. From all parts of the factory it is possible to look at the sky, this gives workers a constant connection with the reality of the day - the change of light throughout the day, the awareness of the weather…

Published in: Outsider (2021), Hiše (2021)


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