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location: Murska Sobota, Slovenia
area: 26.400 m2
type: masterplan
status: concept
year of project: 2003

In previous years, the city of Murska Sobota has experienced a sizeable escalation of downtown urban activities, centered most notably on two districts: around the marketplace and around the catholic church. Yet, as the city expands further out into suburbia and commercial areas, downtown areas may soon find themselves in peril of losing their appeal to potential developers. This proposal deals with some key central areas: today bare and breeding tensions, urban intervention may soon convert them into nuclei that will generate further progress.

Four such sites are developed here: the current bus station, the former industrial area on Cvetkova street, a nearby vacated area on Gregorčičeva street, and, in connection with the first area, the current train station area.

location: Murska Sobota, Slovenia
area: 16.300 m2
year of project: 2003
The area around the existing bus station represents a narrow undeveloped site that negates the adjoining highly urban structure. The proposed Urban Center would complete a series of projectsa that urbanized the central area; housing various quality retail and entertainment programs, it would also serve as a new magnet to bring the city's residents back into the downtown area. The adjacent parking garage with five floors would fill all downtown parking requirements. The diagonal Zvezna street next to the center would be transformed into a pedestrian zone, with a small canopy-covered square accommodating the city's textile market.
location: Murska Sobota, Slovenia
area: 4.700 m2
year of project: 2003
The complex is articulated by two programs surrounding an abundant green area: on one side the School of Music, on the other, two housing buildings.

The various programs of the School of Music are unified by an articulate scheme: music rooms are oriented to the street, while secondary spaces and two large volumes, one housing the hall, the other library and teachers' lounge, face the courtyard. Street elevation emulates musical rhythm with vertical elegance of slender french windows. Glass clad areas are moderate; weight of building material provides the necessary acoustic stability. The dynamic composition of back elevation is accentuated by large corner volumes.

Across the park, the two apartment buildings house 4 apartments per floor, with parking spaces under ground. Their positioning offers plenty of natural light, thus providing for wide flexibility of floor plans.
location: Murska Sobota, Slovenia
area: 3.300 m2
year of project: 2003
A former industrial area, the gap on the busy Gregorčičeva street represents a perfect site for quality housing use. The proposed building of L-shaped floor plan would house 26 apartments on three floors. The street wing of the structure would house retail program on the ground floor, the two upper floors and the transverse wing are purposed for housing use. A simple construction of interior bearing walls provides completely flexibility of facade. Variation of three different facade modules will constitute a dynamic elevation with altering openings, shades and top floor pergolas.
location: Murska Sobota, Slovenia
area: 2.100 m2
year of project: 2003
The project dealing with the station site is directly connected to the solutions presented in Urban Complex scheme. Providing ample parking areas on the vacated space, the bus station is transferred to a new location adjacent to the current train station, and easily reached from various highways. The new bus station is devised as a large covered plateau with 6 bus platforms and two platforms for suburban buses.

The new train station scheme envisions a new station building, archetypal in orientation and size while modern and dynamic in appearance, with a new square at the front. The scheme as a whole will also include a site for taxi stops and an underground parking garage beneath the entire area.


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