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location: Tivat, Montenegro
area: 1.600 m2
type: public
status: concept
year of project: 2013


The client, a multinational company for the distribution of goods intended for duty-free shops, invited us to prepare a concept of extension of airport in Tivat, Montenegro. In the time of Yugoslavia, Tivat Airport functioned as a military airport, known for its beautiful scenery on inbound route, which begins practically at sea, and ends at the foot of high mountains. At the end of the nineties the Montenegrin Riviera began to gain importance, with high interest of Russian tourists. In order to enable rapid access for tourists to the Riviera, Tivat Airport built a passenger terminal and a duty-free shop, which soon became too small in face of a large increase in the number of passengers. The client has decided to propose the administration of Montenegrin airports to invest 10 million in expansion of the airport building, within which a duty-free shop in the volume of approximately 500 m2 would be arranged. The volume of sales per Russian passenger was so high that trade in the facility could generate the cover the investment. The existing terminal building would be used as an arrival terminal and check-in hall of departures. The start of the new building would house security control, then a duty free shop and transition to the departure hall with departure gates. The floor plan composition follows the dynamism flight, dynamic triangular building opens to the sea side. The facility is provided with a rational height of 8 meters, above which blinds in visually stronger bands are arranged, large overhangs create an impression of lightness. The purpose of the blinds is complete shading the whole building, which significantly reduces the energy consumption for cooling in the summer months, when at the airport carries out the largest part of the annual turnover. On the roof are provided for ventilation towers on the roof introduce elements of natural ventilation into composition, with the system of pressure difference due to difference in height. Natural draft significantly reduces energy consumption for air conditioning. Towers create a dynamic "landscape" on the roof as an echo of natural terrain around the airport. The composition of the airport makes it possible to close the new terminal in winter months from the perspective of the operating costs when the traffic volume falls sharply, and all functions are transferred to the existing part of the building. From the perspective of the operating costs, this renders the airport additionally viable and thus successful. Client's progressive approach was initially accepted well, as it would provide the necessary infrastructure in two years. After the "processing" of the project in all state structures, it has been decided to use the classic manner of tender acquisition for project and later building contractors. According to our estimates, it will now take six years to complete the terminal.


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