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location: Slovenia
area: 14.000 m2
type: sports
status: concept
year of project: 2014


Proposal comprises a complex which would unite administrative functions, education and training of young talents in training halls, housing, education and exhibition center and a main sports hall, all in one location. Eight outdoor basketball courts are arranged, with ample green areas and parking areas for users and visitors. Location of the complex is not yet determined; therefore the concept arranges programs in an abstract environment. Choosing the site, the priority will be a central location near Slovenian motorway network and the best possible integration into surrounding urban environment. Programs are combined in such a way that they form their own urban environments and thus the identity of spatial expression; all programs are addressing a central square. Presence of expression in surrounding urban environment begins with a series of external basketball courts next to the main access road. The dynamics of the game would thus be close to the street and close to urban environment, enabling the complex to exchange vibes with it. Along the exterior courts on the inner side, all programs are connected via a Players Alley, descending as stairs towards the courts as stands to watch the game or just lounge in nice weather. In the middle of the Alley, the space opens into the central square, determined by the volume of the administrative building with the training halls in the background. The other side of the square is bordered by an accommodation program with fitness exercise halls and a central reception for the Campus. The third side of the square is defined by the main Sports Hall and educational/exhibition/conference facility, which is placed in the square itself as a pavilion. The composition of the market clarifies the program of the complex, the movement of visitors becomes spontaneous, orientations are clear. From behind, complex is enveloped by a green belt, into which the accommodation facility is oriented. The park at the back side creates a buffer from the path behind, sedates the composition and allows for a more spontaneous integration into urban tissue of potential locations.


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